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Totepool Bonus Code: Free Bet

Totepool currently offer all new customers a free bet of up to £10 – click the button above or right to visit their site, place a first bet of £5 or more and they’ll give you a free £10 bet.

Totepool Promotions

Totepool guarantee best odds on UK and Irish horse races until 30 minutes before the scheduled off time. Thus Tote customers can take a price for their horse safe in the knowledge that if the Starting Price is bigger they’ll pay out at that price.

This offer applies to both single and multiple bets, but does not include antepost, totepool or enhanced ‘win only’ bets.

Totepool Bookmakers

Totepool is a brandname of The Tote – until recently a state owned bookmaker trading under the name totesport – which was sold to Betfred in 2011.

The Tote or ‘The Horserace Totalisator Board’, to give it its official name, was set up by Winston Churchill in 1928 in order to channel betting money into racing, as well as offering punters an alternative to betting with illegal bookies. The first major race meetings with tote betting were at Newmarket and Carlisle on the 2nd July 1929. In 1956, the Tote sponsored its first race – the Tote Investors Cup at Kempton and in 1972 the Tote opened its first high street betting shop.

Since its inauguration the Tote has enjoyed a monopoly of horse racing pool-betting in exchange for a guarantee that it pumped money into the sport on an annual basis (£19 million in 2010) from earnings generated via outlets on Britain’s 60 racecourses and over 500 high-street shops, as well as sponsorship deals – most noteably the Totesport Cheltenham Gold Cup.

As the Tote’s new owner, Betfred keep exclusive control of the pool betting system on UK racecourses for seven years and pledged to contribute at least £122m to horse racing during that time. Meanwhile all Totesport betting shops have been re-named Betfred.

Based in Wigan, Totepool offers both fixed odds and tote pool betting and customers can thus take a fixed price or bet into the totewin / toteplace pools. It’s worth noting that the totepool dividend can often be considerably bigger than the SP for outsiders, for example the Christie’s Foxhunter Chase at the 2011 Cheltenham Festival was won by unfancied ‘Zemsky’ with an SP of 33/1 – however the Totewin return was £68 (67/1).

Tote Pools

Pool betting is different from fixed odds as the winner is paid according to the size of the stakes in the pool – The Tote simply subtract a percentage of the stake pool and then pays the rest to any winners.

So the payout (or dividend) depends upon how many people pick the winner – the fewer winning tickets, the higher the payout to each winner.

Dividends are calculated by dividing the net pool by the stakes on the winner of the race and holders of winning tickets are paid in proportion to their stakes.

A price quote for a horse on the Tote is the current dividend payout on the event of that outcome happening. However, as all stakes are pooled, all bets are essentially ‘starting price’ and until the race starts / all betting finishes, the final payout cannot be calculated.

Totewin / Toteplace / Toteeachway

Totewin is a very simple and popular totepool bet where you try to pick the winner of the race – or combine it with toteplace to form a toteeachway bet.

As the name implies, a toteplace bet also allows you to simply bet on a horse being placed. If there are 5, 6 or 7 runners in the race, toteeachway and toteplace selections must finish in the first 2 to get a return. If there are 8 runners or more, selections must finish in the first 3 for a payout, whilst handicap races with 16+ runners pay 4 places.

Each totewin pool is subject to a deduction of 13.5% – the Net Pool is 86.5% of stakes.

Each toteplace pool is subject to a deduction of 18% – the Net Pool is 82% of stakes.


With the toteplacepot it’s possible to win without backing a winner. This is a totepool bet on the first six races at any race meeting and to win customers need to pick a placed horse in all six of those races.

Customers can also ‘perm’ their selections by picking as many horses in each race as they wish – but the more horses picked, the more the bet costs.

Because the toteplacepot is such a popular bet, pool sizes can be huge and at big meetings such as the Cheltenham Festival, daily Placepot pools can climb towards £1 million. In 2011 the average Placepot dividend was £446, whilst the highest was £46,606 (Plumpton, 19/12/11). The record pool size was £989,577 (Cheltenham, 11/03/2008).

Each toteplacepot pool is subject to a deduction of 27% – the Net Pool is 73% of stakes.


The totejackpot offers punters the opportunity to win a fortune and takes place every day except Saturday, when attention turns to the Scoop6. The aim is to pick all 6 winners of 6 races at the selected jackpot meeting. All stakes are put into a pool and if no one wins it rolls over to next day, so the total prize money can get very high, very quickly.

The minimum totejackpot bet is £1, increasing by 50p for every line thereafter and 50p perm bets can be accepted if the total bet = £1 (ie 2 lines at 50p).

The average totejackpot dividend in 2011 was £42,149 and the top dividend £1,445,671 (08/03/11), whilst the record record pool size was £2,921,589 (Newmarket, 23/09/2011).

Each totejackpot pool is subject to a deduction of 29% – the Net Pool is 71% of stakes.


In 1999, the Tote linked up with Channel 4 racing to introduce the popular Scoop6 bet which is similar to totejackpot but has a minimum stake of £2 and involves bettors trying to select the winner of 6 televised races on a Saturday, instead of 6 races at a single meeting.

Also, the scoop6 pool is split into 3 separate funds: a win fund, bonus fund and place fund at the ratio of 7:4:3 respectively. Following allocation, a deduction of 30% is made from each fund – the Net Pool for each fund is 70% of stakes.

To win a share of the win fund, customers need to pick the winner of all six totescoop6 races, however if all six horses are placed they win a share of the place fund.

All win fund winners can register to play for the bonus fund the following week and to win a share of the bonus fund they need to pick the winner of the nominated bonus race.

Picking 6 winners might seem hard, but again customers are not restricted to making just one selection per race and can perm selections from each race to increase the chance landing the jackpot. However, the cost of perming quickly increases, for example to nominate two horses in each race the investment would be 2x2x2x2x2x2, which is 64 lines and thus a stake of £128.

Big syndicates try to win by placing various perms and whilst they are sometimes successful, on other occasions they just swell the pot for a ‘normal’ punter to win.

The average scoop6 fund dividend in 2011 was £181,710 – it was won 12 times and the biggest win was £403,785 (10/09/11). The bonus fund was was won 4 times in 2011 at an average of £509,743 – the biggest dividend was £1,030,905 (10/12/11). The average place fund dividend in 2011 was £1,516 and the biggest win was £35,338.40 (02/04/11).

The biggest ever scoop6 win fund dividend was £2,037,527 (22/11/2008); the record combined win and bonus funds dividend was £3,549,437 (07/03/2009) and the record bonus fund dividend was £3,184,369 (14/03/2009).


The toteexacta is the totepool equivalent of the Straight Forecast, requiring punters to pick the 1st and 2nd horse in the correct order.

It’s available on all races with three or more runners and is a popular bet when there is a short-priced favourite. There are three ways to bet toteexacta at totesport:

‘Straight Exacta’ – you select the horse you want to finish 1st and the horse you want to finish 2nd. They must finish in the correct order to get a return.

‘Banker Exacta’ – you select the horse you want to finish 1st and pick as many horses as you want to finish second by selecting the ‘Any’ box alongside your selections (the more horses you pick, the more the bet will cost).

‘Combination Exacta’ – you pick two horses to finish 1st and 2nd in any order (this is sometimes called a Reverse Exacta) by selecting the ‘Any’ box alongside your two selections (or pick more than two horses to give you a better chance of winning, though again the more horses you pick, the more the bet will cost).

In 2011 toteextacta beat the straight forecast price in 64% of races, paying out 23% more.

Each toteexacta pool is subject to a deduction of 26% – the Net Pool is 74% of stakes.


Toteswinger allows you to pick 2 horses, which need to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any order: 1st & 2nd, 1st & 3rd or 2nd & 3rd (for races with six or more runners or more).

There are two ways to bet toteswinger at totesport:

‘Simple Swinger’ – you pick two horses to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any order (or pick more than two horses to increase your chance of winning – the more horses you pick, the more the bet will cost).

‘Banker Swinger’ – you pick one horse as your banker (to finish in the first three) and add as many other horses as you like to fill one of the other two places (again, the more horses you pick the more the bet will cost).

Each toteswinger pool is subject to a deduction of 30% – the Net Pool is 70% of stakes.


The totequadpot is a totepool bet on races 3-6 at a race meeting. It is available at every meeting, every day and is popular with those whose toteplacepot has gone down early.

To win the totequadpot you need to pick a placed horse each of these 4 races. Once again, people can perm selections, with the bet costing more for every horse picked.

In 2011 the average totequadpot dividend was £61 and the highest was £2,425.90 (Plumpton, 19/12/11). The record totequadpot pool size was £54,177 (Cheltenham, 19/03/2010)

Each totequadpot pool is subject to a deduction of 26% – the Net Pool is 74% of stakes.

Totepool Website

The website is both visually appealing and well designed, with clearly defined sections on the homepage for live betting and upcoming events, plus a section at the bottom with links to all of the day’s racing and results.

This might sound obvious, yet a section with every race for the day listed is surprisingly absent on most other bookmaker homepages. What we particularly like is that by clicking against each race you can build a ‘custom racecard’ displaying only the markets you are interested in viewing.

Menu tabs at the top of the site direct users to each tote product, including totepools, and holding the mouse over each tab reveals a drop-down menu allowing easy access to specific events / markets or different types of games.

The tote corporate lime green colour is subtly incorporated into the site, in borders and stylish menu rollover’s – in fact we’d go as far as saying that the Totepool website is the best on the market for overall design, clarity and ease of navigation.

As the home of totepool betting the site makes betting into totepools simple as well as keeping customers up to date with live running pool totals and dividend guides on their totepool page and via a ‘live totepool info’ pop-up.

Another noteable site feature is Totepool radio, a unique podcast service with the latest horse racing, football and greyhound action broadcast daily, via the radio image at the bottom left of the homepage.

Totepool Mobile

There’s no download required to use the totepool mobile service, users just need to enter: into their phone’s browser and bookmark the mobile homepage, or text TOTE to 89660 to receive a direct link to tote mobile.

Unlike other mobile betting sites, you can place totepool bets, including the placepot, scoop6 and jackpot providing you have an existing online totepool account (use the same username and password to log-in).

Totepool Casino

Totepool casino offers new players a 100% bonus (up to £100). This deposit is added immediately upon making a first deposit or transfer into gaming chips and the bonus plus any winnings can be withdrawn once the bonus amount has been wagered x 40 times. For example, a £25 bonus (and winnings) can be withdrawn after £1000 has been staked.

All casino players are also enterered into the totepool casino ‘Emerald Club’ and are entitled to a 50% Monthly Bonus of up to £50 per month. Players also start to accumulate ‘Comp Points’ as a reward for their play – every £10 staked earns 1 point and every 100 points earned can be converted to £1 in cash. In addition to this there are other Emerald Club promotions and cashbacks which change every month.

We counted almost 100 different games on the tote casino including card and table classics such as blackjack, roulette and craps. There are also slots, progressive slots (including Marvel themed games such as ‘Blade’, ‘X-Men’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’), plus video poker.

Totepool Games

There are also over 50 instant games at totepool under their ‘Games’ tab, including keno, hi-lo, scratch cards and arcade games.

Our favourite is ‘Monopoly – On a Roll’ where you bet on different sections of a monopoly board then throw dice to try and land on them (with free throws if you throw a double). Just like the real game there are ‘Chance’ cards, rewards for passing ‘Go’ or landing on ‘Free Parking’ and although you can also ‘Go To Jail’, this is good news as you get three chances to roll a double to win a big bonus.

Totepool Bingo

Following a recent website re-vamp Totepool Bingo are offering a £25 bonus when new players register and spend £10.

Throughout the week there is free bingo, BOGOF and BOG2F, guaranteed prizes and penny bingo. There is also a special promotion on Friday evening between 7-11pm called Cometh the Ton, where the full house prize amount increases by £100 every hour. And Sunday’s are the highlight of the weekly schedule with a guaranteed prize money of £1k every hour leading up to, and just after, the big BingoLinx game.

Totepool Payment Options

Totepool are slightly more limited than other bookmakers in terms of deposit options. They accept payment via just Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Laser or Skrill (formerly Moneybookers).